What Makes a Healthy Mind?

I spent part of 2017 and all of 2018 actively trying to answer this question. What I found out was, it's different for everybody. So, for me, a healthy mind meant controlling my anxiety / anger and to slow down the negative thoughts that were running rampid in my brain 24/7. I wanted life to be happy and fun not dreadful and boring (which is how I felt a lot of the time). 

"Grow a pair and get over yourself"

Moving to an island gave me that slap-in-the-face I needed to realize that life didn't suck and that I was making it suck. So I grew a pair, got over myself and went to therapy. It was 100% the best decision of my life, in fact, I think everyone (whether you think you're doing great or not) to try out therapy. It is an eye opener and let's be real everyone has something they can work on. Since therapy I've actively tried to be the best version of myself I can be. I've started a business which would have completely overwhelmed me before, I went back to school for health/nutrition a totally different degree than what I started with, and even got better and more confident in my day-to-day job as a speech therapist assistant. 

"Enjoy the shit storms"

Life is good man! The point of this is that exactly where you are at right now is incredibly awesome. You might not see it because there are a few shit storms in your way blocking your view of the impeccable sunset but it's still there! When people say to find something good in every day they might sound like they are garbage-ly quoting something they saw on twitter but they're not wrong. Even if you can find one good thing, you can begin to change how you see things. 

"Don't put yourself into a tizzy"

Think of all the stuff, and I mean all the crazy stuff we take for complete granted, like hmm.. I don't know the air we breath?!, the fact that we can even see the crazy vibrant colors of trees and the blue sky, how about how nuts it is that we can actually have a thought about a thought we had and then have another thought about those two thoughts!! The world is crazy cool and it should never be forgotten or taken for granted because that's how we get caught up in our dumb shit storms of day to day life which in hindsight we know we'll all look back on and think "wow I can't believe I cared so much that someone said they didn't like the same donut flavor I like." Truly, we could put ourselves into a tizzy over anything but why?! Why put so much effort into things that really don't matter? 

"Get rid of the negative thoughts and piss excellence"

Enjoy the living crap out of this beautiful world we live in. The positives completely outweigh the negatives and the more you practice focusing on those positives your brain actually changes the way it thinks and it will then look at the positives before the negatives and once that happens you'll be pissing excellence, living your best damn life. A healthy mind is a positive mind.

healthy mind / positive thoughts

healthy mind / positive thoughts