What "healthy" Really means...

      Often, when I talk to people about getting healthy their first response is, "it's so confusing, I would just rather not". I get where they're coming from I was there too, BUT it's so much easier than people make you believe. You don't have to go nuts counting calories and macros or working your ass off at the gym for 6 hours a day , you just have to do what you already know how to do... make better choices. 

"You are the dictator of what is healthy."

       Everyone knows how to eat healthy, more fruits and vegetables and even more vegetables, so why does everyone make it so complex?! Well, I can answer that too! Not everything works for everyone. What I mean is.. everyone's body is different it's called bio-individuality aka eat what works for YOU. Take me for example, I love vegetables, especially broccoli and cauliflower but if I dare eat these foods raw (like so many people suggest is the way to go) my stomach feels like it's being ripped to shreds so, um, guess what?! I won't be eating raw broccoli any time soon, no matter how many times someone preaches that it's way better for you. Duh. Find whole foods that work for you, not for other people. This will make getting 'healthier' much easier and it will take the confusion out of it because you are the dictator of what is healthy. 

"Experiment with new and different foods & diets to find what works"

      Experiment with what works for your body, do some trial and error. If something makes you not feel so hot after eating it.. don't eat it, healthy or not! The fun part about this is that people, usually the unhealthy ones, will criticize you for changing your diet so often (as if it's their business). When I was experimenting with foods and diets like; paleo, keto and vegetarian, people told me I was yo-yo dieting (side note: I was eating all the time and it was just more whole foods than I had eaten before. People literally saw kale and had an aneurysm) the criticism was strictly due to the labels put on these food choices. People would actually get mad at me for saying no to treats like cookies, when I was really proud of myself because I had never been able to deny a cookie in my life! Meanwhile, they're congratulating a friend of mine for completing a 2 week fruit fast..?! It's a real huge downer when people do this to you but my advice would be to expect it and get over it. You know what YOU are doing for YOU and no one else has to understand it but YOU! It's your body not theirs. If they want to stay unhealthy and miserable by all means let them but don't let them steer you away from your goals. Who does that help?! 

        So, some people might be thinking, 'Okay Ashleen this is all great but I feel awesome eating donuts all day' and that's fine.. for awhile, but it will eventually cause you to have some issues you surely don't want to have. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who lives until their 90 having eaten donuts everyday but do you really want to wait to find out? 

"Let grandma have the cake..."

       Moderation is key for these foods and I'm soo one of those people that hates that word (mOdErAtIoN.. like what even is that?!) because I didn't understand how people were doing that for so long. I used to eat one bite of cake and all of a sudden be fighting someone's grandma for the last big slice. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with this (the sugar thing not the grandma thing) but it's definitely become much easier since eating more nutritious foods that balance my blood sugar and fill me up in more ways than one!

"6 packs and lettuce can't give you all these benefits"

        Moral of the story, everyone has their own version of healthy and many of them are correct obvi, besides the donut guy but hey, to each is own. I'm here to help people find what works for their body in a balanced-i-love-being-healthy way :) Being healthy is all about your body feeling good which leads to your mind feeling good and all of a sudden you wake up and feel like you can take on the world. In my opinion, that's how you know you're healthy. Your mood improves, you drop some weight and you're full of energy.. it's AWESOME! Just having a 6 pack or only eating lettuce won't get you all that!