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I am here to support you and guide you through your own health journey, so you can achieve a clear mind, weight loss, more energy, less stress and less aches and pains (basically feel how you're supposed to feel!).  I'll show you how simple it can be and how well it can work for you. I believe health should be easy and accessible for everyone. All it is, is slight modification on your part, a little education and above all else you have to want it! You are a boss & you can do anything you can dream up SO as Beyonce would say, 'let's get your body right'. 

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Hi, I'm Ashleen

I am currently enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and on my way to becoming your new Health Coach! I fell in love with nutrition after learning quite a lot due to my own research after a possible pre-diabetes scare and finally coming to the realization that I might actually be eating too much sugar.. shocker. I was known for hoarding candy when I was younger and I was always the one out of my friends who wanted to hit up the gas station to pick up 'the goods' before a wild night in at college.. 'the goods' being those delightfully, yummy, over the top delicious treats like.. ya know, snickers, milky ways, sour candies, chips aka my all time favorite combos. I would go to the gas station and pick out one chocolate snack, one sour snack and one bag of chips AND ALWAYS with a coke. These were literally my favorite nights.. sad, i know. This all carried on up until I was 23 and one year out of college. I moved to the Cayman Islands and well.. there's a lot of beaches here so if you weren't already body conscious, you are now sista'! So my large and in charge 23 year old college bod took to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and let me tell you it was anything but pretty. I'm all about loving your body but you should also feel good in it.. meaning, I felt lazy, fat, unmotivated and angry like all the time.. not so chill mon'. I worked on eating better on my own and failed miserably which led me to taking weight loss pills which made me lose weight like crazy.. just to gain it back via 100 boxes of donuts after the 8 weeks was up - so now I'm double the size I was originally and still feeling like garbage so I decided to make a real change and try out cognitive behavioral therapy - this stuff is the JAM. Surprisingly enough the universe wanted to fix all my problems in one smooth sweep by giving me a therapist that was a health nut - in the best way possible - and it changed everything. Sugar was one of the main reasons for my anxiety, fat and anger... AMAZING! How is this possible?! I love that food can change so many more things than your waist size and that's why I'm here today, to help you realize the same earth shattering information I learned through eating well and gettin' muh mind right. Hallelujah, less get to it!